Markus der Schlagwerker


Welcome to the official Markus der Schlagwerker website!

Markus is a german-born Drummer/Percussionist/Composer now living in Sweden. Markus der Schlagwerker has worked/ toured/ recorded with various swedish/ international artists and as a solo-percussionist in all kinds of styles including rock, jazz, symphonic classical music, world-music. Nowadays Markus der Schlagwerker mostly spends his time working as an independent drummer/ percussionist/teacher. 

Hi everybody!

I've just released my third full-length solo album! Check it out at most global streaming and downloading sites. 

Apart from this I've managed to move into my new studio/rehearsal space where I'm now, once again, able to record my own music as well as lay down "Drum Tracks for Everybody" whenever I want. Just send me you files, I'll be happy to play on your tracks!